Shared Student Living: Nightmare or Curse?

Being in shared student accommodation in college can be difficult. Living with people you barely know can affect your well-being and your studies. However, living shared spaces can improve your socializing and mindfulness skills.

Before college, you lived with your family way back home. You may have habits at home that your family won’t mind. For example, you might be comfortable wearing undergarments at home. There’s no problem with that. But when you live in a dormitory, that is unacceptable.

Living in a dorm shouldn’t be a nightmare or much even worse, a curse. That’s why here are some pieces of advice to improve your life in shared student accommodation.

Be mindful of your roommates

The golden rule of living with strangers is always to be mindful. Think about them first before proceeding to any action. Remember, you are not living alone. If you’re used to taking long showers, then you should think that your roommates are also waiting in line.

Being mindful is not about limiting your actions. It is thinking about the possible impacts of your small actions to the people near you. You may not be hitting the bulls eye at first but your effort of being mindful counts.

Respect privacy

If you’re under a couple student accommodation, do your “couple-thing” in private. Don’t go to the hallway showing your love and affection to your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can be lovers without publicly displaying your affection.

If you’re living with a stranger, don’t invade his or her privacy. Also, keep some privacy for yourself. When you do your stuff, save it to your presence only. Don’t let your roommate see it. However, if you’re cool about it, then there is no problem at all.

Extend a helping hand when needed

As the saying goes, “no man is an island.” In a shared student accommodation set-up, always be willing to help your roommates. You only have you and your roommates when an emergency happens.

You can also help your roommates finish their assignments or help them do research. Build relationships with them.

Do your role in household chores

If ever you get to assign who does this and that, do your part. If some of your roommates won’t do their part, never assume their role. What’s the point of even assigning tasks.

Call out your roommate for not doing his or her part. But do it in a friendly way. Tell it to him or her in a polite and friendly way. If the problem persists even after reminding them, talk to your other roommates and tell them your problem with the chores.

For last resort, talk to the dorm manager or landlord.

Have fun with them

Schools and universities offering student accommodation often include activities for dormers. Should there be activities, ask your roommates if they want to join. If they don’t want to because they’re studying, don’t force them.

Go out on Fridays to hang out somewhere or to watch a movie. For a room for rent student accommodation, you first ask the permission of the landlord if ever you’ll be going home late.

Enjoy college with them because one day you’ll just realize that college is over, and you’ll be going your separate ways.

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