Give Your Old Bathroom A Major Upgrade To Modernism

Do you have plans to renovate your bathroom? The same interior, shower head, monochromatic tap and dirty bathtub, don’t you think everything needs a major upgrade so you could welcome guests inside your house without the fear of being judged because of your bathroom? Say goodbye to your old and stinking bathroom with world-class renovators situated in Melbourne for your bathroom renovations need and be prepared to be amazed!

The Old Bathroom Design

Old bathrooms used to have a white interior design like with the usual white sink and bathtub, a mirror cabinet, and standard shower head that wastes over 2.5 gallons of water every 60 seconds or one minute. Not to mention, there are still people using a broken sink and low-flush toilet bowls that require a few flushes to actually flush human waste. Yikes. These are actual signs for you to set up an appointment for your overdue bathroom renovations plan.

The bathroom renovators Melbourne has on duty will gladly assist you in your renovation plans — just be clear on what you want for your bathroom! It is highly recommended to replace your old bathroom essentials like toilet, sink, shower head, tap, and the like to improve the bathroom experience you and your family are going to have from henceforth.

The New Bathroom Design

bathroom renovations

Do you want your half-bathroom to be upgraded into a three-fourths bathroom? If yes, then doing and having ideas for bathroom renovations is a must-do! There are new, top-notch and high quality toilets and other bathroom supplies or accessories to add on your modern, savvy and clean bathroom!

Below are quality brands to buy when beautifying your bathroom with the best bathroom renovations Melbourne has to offer:

  1. Fienza – offers great sinks, tapware and other bathroom accessories.
  2. Zurn – has one of the best toilet pans and hand basins.
  3. Mercio – sells mirrors for mirror cabinets, hand basins, toilets and more.
  4. iKon – offers durable tapware like bathtub spout and shower mixers.
  5. Castano – specializes in bathroom accessories like robe hooks, towel bars and rails.
  6. Grohe – commits in making quality showers with a modern finish. They also create bathtubs, toilets, urinals and more bathroom and kitchen supplies.
  7. Kohler – a luxury brand that creates and sells toilets, sinks, basins and other bathroom or kitchen supplies in a modern fashion.
  8. TOTO – are into automated toilets with auto-flush function and other features.
  9. Phoenix Tapware – Australian-owned that focuses on modern tapware, showers, sinks, tubs and the like.
  10. Caroma – also Australian-owned, they are committed to creating baths, toilets, basins and showers.

These are just 10 of the numerous plumbing brands that provides exemplary service to plumbers, renovators and clients alike to give them the best ever bathroom experience.

Start The Change

There are many brands that you can trust when it comes to the bathroom, but when it comes to renovations, you can always count on the best bathroom renovations Eastern Suburbs or in Melbourne that MW Homes has to offer. You can visit this link for more info:

Signs you need full bathroom renovations Melbourne experts offer

If you have been seeing some issues in your bathroom, then it might be time to book a consultation with experts in bathroom renovations Melbourne has today. When exactly do you need a bathroom renovation? There are more apparent telltale indications that your bathroom is old, worn out, and in need of some upgrading.

Below are a few signs to watch out for when your bathroom requires a transformation or a restoration:

  1. Old and out-of-date colours.

The 2019 colour patterns for restrooms is either a neutral combination that will work for years to come or a strong black wall-to-wall paint and all-black components and functions. The latter conjures up a high-end experience and make a bathroom feel and look indulgent and sultry.

Does your bathroom appear like any of these colour patterns? If you’re not after a retro vibe for your interior, then it’s time to call specialists in bathroom renovations Melbourne has these days.

  1. Your bathroom has an old smell

This means your toilet and bath should be updated. Throughout the years, mould accumulation takes place and trigger leakages. These parts go through wear and tear too.

It might be time to change the wax seal of the toilet and let old parts retire to include brand-new ones. And if you have a windowless bathroom, it would be best to have ventilation other than a small window in the corner.

Experts in bathroom or kitchen makeovers know precisely what needs to be done so that old and musty odour is eliminated.

bathroom renovations melbourne

  1. Common and untasteful design

Were you among those house owners who wished to break the standard? Or perhaps you have a bathroom that is vintage inspired and you long for a modern touch. There’s nothing wrong about your goals as long as it is done by experts. You can find online inspirations for the best bathroom renovations Melbourne experts offer for a polished look.

Bathroom designs from the 20s, 30s, or 40s are now outdated especially if you want nothing to do with the retro look and feel. Why put up with an old design when you can have a bathroom with upgraded electrical fittings and plumbing?

  1. Poor lighting conditions.

If you can hardly see yourself in the mirror or worried about the lights getting dimmer, it’s time to upgrade your lighting components. You can opt for energy-efficient products to save on utility bills.

With much better, brighter, and power-saving light bulbs, your toilet and bath will be brilliant and energy-efficient. You will get to enjoy a well-lit bathroom without having to worry about excessive energy expenses.

Contact professionals in bathroom restorations Melbourne.

MW Homes is the name you can trust when it comes to upgrading your bathroom into something appealing. Having a bathroom that looks like it came off the pages of a magazine is a game changer. As remodelling professionals, they’re also skilled in kitchen makeovers so your kitchen can have that modern vibe. Consider them as your one-stop look for bathroom and kitchen restorations.

Do you plan for full bathroom renovations Melbourne specialists offer these days? Never try to Do It Yourself, particularly if there’s more to be done that simply changing the tile grout. It is best to hire pros when doing major renovations. Visit for more choices.