Does your automatic gates have enough power?

Oh, the wonders of electricity. Sometimes, we take for granted the conveniences of modern technology. Like the comfort of staying in the car instead of opening the gate manually. Double swing gate kits would be doing their magic at a touch of a button or when the car gets in close proximity, leaving you freedom to just roll into your property.



double swing gate kits



So, how does it work? And by it; meaning the automatic gate opener? Every electronic device requires a power source to function. How can a gate opener have the power required to do its job?


How long do the batteries last?


Eexpensive and cheap electric gate openers always require a battery to be operational. Some might be surprised, given that power cables are still required. Why need the cables if the motor can just connect to the power outlet directly?


This is because this setup is built with a backup power supply in mind. The battery is continually charging, so even with a power outage, the gates will still be functional.


Most double swing gate kits come with their own rechargeable batteries, which already meet the required voltage and are compatible with the kits. Other users try to shop for batteries with larger capacities, though.


Solar power can be costly


There’s a growing trend of using solar panels with automatic gate opener kits. Chances are, you’re considering this yourself, given how the use of sustainable energy can provide benefits to the environment.


Not everyone can have this option, though. Regardless of their popularity, solar power still has a few drawbacks that should make you think a little more about it.


Most of the charging is done during the day, with the energy stored for use during the night. Unfortunately, the weather can affect how a solar panel functions. When the sun gets obscured, there is less sunlight to convert to energy. A few hours of rain or cloudy skies can be negligible, but how about it happening for longer periods of time?


If the double swing gate kits see a lot of action at night, this can also lead to some problems. Far more energy will get used up, and there is no sun to replenish it. Larger batteries with bigger capacities would be needed. This would pump your expenses even higher as solar-powered kits tend to be pricier than other models.


And, why would their prices be higher? Solar panels require materials that can be expensive. Also, processing these materials often aren’t eco-friendly.


What would be the best option, then? A few security systems implement hybrid power setups. These rely mainly on solar energy, but they can switch back to the mainline for power. These are far more reliable.


So, the next time you press the button on those BFT remote controls, remember that those gates won’t open without power. Regardless of the source, make sure the batteries get charged. Check up on their systems regularly.


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